Secretary General’s Message

dsc_0042“No statement must be believed just because it is made by authority” – Robert Heinlein

If there is one word that describes the world today, it’s dynamic. The world changes every day, every minute and every second due to our actions as a species. Authority and leadership have covertly contributed to this change in our thought process and lifestyles. We have lived through colonialism, through wars, through communal riots, through genocide. This raises a question - why have we actually survived? We have survived because of authority – a group of individuals who have shown humankind a way to continually evolve. Welcome to the present world where 64% of worldwide corruption is carried out by government officials, where massive human rights violations are carried out by countries under the name of terrorist detention centres, where political parties are angled towards taking advantage of the communal differences in the population. Considering this, is it time to question authority?

With this thought, I, the Secretary General, would like to introduce you to THSMUN’16 where we shall be discussing whether the law makers can take the law into their own hands. The delegates will be encouraged to make strong statements in committee, question the actions of authority and thereby take research and debate to a whole new level. The agendas are framed specifically to set new standards of discussion and resolution making in committee. One of Delhi NCR’s largest MUNs with over 400 delegates, we hope to make each delegate’s views felt strongly in committee and resonate in society.

Behind every successful nation is an aware citizen who critically examines, questions and contributes to the government’s working.

Remember delegates, the world needs you!

Best Regards,

Abhijeet Narayanan

Secretary General


Deputy Secretary General’s Message

14068624_1064291313606146_6023006912695442399_o“Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we've been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.”   -Barack Obama

With more than 50% of the world’s population below the age of 30, it is time to accept that we are the present and indeed, we are the future. It is unfortunate circumstance, however, that we live in a world stained with political, social and armed conflict. Humanity’s challenges extend beyond the struggles of survival to the struggle for survival. We must strive to bring order and peace to this world, for it is imperative that we overcome the tribulations of this generation and leave behind a better civilization for the next. We need to bring about a change in this world because we are the change we seek. It is crucial that we as torch bearers of our nation as well as global citizens understand the power that we hold in our words.

This year at THSMUN, we intend to tackle one of the biggest challenges of the 21st Century with the aim of questioning the authority of the law makers. With over 400 delegates present at THSMUN’16, it is one of the biggest MUN’s in Delhi-NCR region. The 7 committees and their agendas at THSMUN will not only showcase the best in debate and rhetoric but also open a window to the exploration of aforementioned global concerns.

I, the Deputy Secretary General, would like to extend warm greetings on behalf of the Secretariat of THSMUN’16. It is an honor beyond any other to welcome you the conference that promises to be an indelible experience.

Yours sincerely,

Siddhant Singh

Deputy Secretary General